Search and track NOTHING near you!

PokeSearch has received a Cease and Desist notice from The Pokémon Company International, Inc. and Niantic, Inc.

Because of this, I am complying with their requests, scans have stopped and soon the site will disappear completely.

The site has has over 8M hits since it first went online in late July which ain't too shabby for a single dude.

I know it's been kinda shitty overall. It was a vicious cycle of being poor and not being able to afford servers. Bad servers meant bad user experience and so I got less money and so couldnt afford servers.

Site started as a personal project for a few friends and I. It was ran on a spare RS botting server I had left over and stayed that way for way too long until I invested a little.

But yeah, it's been good and I've learnt a lot along the way

Thanks for the generous support and thanks to those who've been here for the journey

The FB and Twitter will be shut down but the Discord will stay up as place to discuss this

PS - For those that have purchased a permascan and want a refund, don't worry, PM me on Discord and I will sort it out for you.

Hopefully one day Niantic will realise the reason people flock to external maps isn't because they're all cheaters