Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

PokeSearch allows you to scan any area you choose for Pokemon. The Pokemon are not crowd-sourced and so are there right as you scan, in real-time.
Site could be overloaded. Give it 3-5 minutes and try again.
To scan, enter your location into the search bar on the homepage, make sure to click a location in the dropdown box as these are areas more likely to be supported. If you are visiting us using a device with GPS features, such as a phone, you can also use "Scan my Location" as this will grab your devices accurate location. If you're wanting a more advanced route, you can use the custom lat/long to be even more precise.
PoGos tracker updates very slowly and the Pokemon you're looking for has probably already despawned, sorry pal.
PokeSearch is based entirely on formally AHAAAAAAA's PokemonGo-Map but more recently based on the works over at PokemonGoMap's website and their GitHub too. If you want to have a look into how the site works I recommend both their Github and also tejado's pgoapi.